Mission Statement

We, as a group of like-minded individuals stand together in pursuit of limitless prosperity, and abundance by means of a series of principles, policies, and intentions. We take an oath to achieve this goal by following, to the best of our ability, the principles, policies and intentions written within the landscape of this Manifesto.

We know that true, deep rooted success, the kind that brings balance, happiness and joy in life, as best achieved when like-minded individuals whole-heartedly bring their unique strengths together. As a steadfast group of powerful leaders, we are committed to continuing our study of the foundations of true leadership. We understand that before we lead others, we must lead ourselves and only then do we graduate from managers of men to strong leaders of men. Our journey is one of intention, integrity, abundance of wealth and most of all, greatness, which will continue on long after the members involved at the conception of this Manifesto have gone. Furthermore, we are committed to pursue with passion our purpose as an organization. We exist to create and support value-added business models for entrepreneurs that are based on honesty, integrity, creativity, personal responsibility, fulfillment, respect and achievement.

Our challenges are great, but our commitment never waivers. We recognize that we are met with opposition disguised in many forms. Mostly, it is the belief that the industries in which we operate are laced with greed, deceit, and corruption. Our hearts are heavy with the knowledge that the quest for personal freedom and abundance often makes a person vulnerable to those whose intentions are corrupt, impure, and lacking integrity. Members of the Inner Circle feel a strong call to duty and believe it is their inherent responsibility to disrupt the cycle of deception and disappointment which haunts the world of business and wealth development.

This endeavor is driven by our belief that the pursuit of wealth development is a noble cause and that the people who are committed to achieving wealth regardless of their beginnings deserve the very best in integrity and service. We are inspired to committed action and intention to serve those in pursuit of wealth because of their promise to spread abundance to all parts of the world. Restoring faith and credibility to any and all industries we embark upon is our mission and we will do so by being an example of honesty, integrity and responsibility. In doing so, we will watch the business of creating wealth, begin to evolve at its core, and old paradigms will fall away so that new ones can emerge. Our shining example will foster business and industrial evolution, as we seek to make a difference in the world by being the change we wish to see in it.

In pursuit of this change, we, members of an organization known as the Inner Circle, acknowledge that our actions must demonstrate our beliefs at every moment. Our conduct will satisfy any questions about our goals and values as an organization and as individuals. We commit to challenge ourselves and each other to reach our highest potential. We commit to giving radically of ourselves without expecting anything in return. We as a group agree to share, participate, and communicate authentically so as to foster the synergy of our growth and lead us toward success. We agree that the path to success is not one to be traveled alone and commit to bring others along, taking no shortcuts, and appreciating the value of the journey. We acknowledge that everything in life is a choice, including success, and we agree to always take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes. We agree to build lasting relationships with those we meet and to honor those relationships by always keeping our word, in business and in life. We will continue throughout generations to aggressively and creatively engage in activities which improve our organization's quality of life. We acknowledge the greatness that exists in every man and woman and seek to cultivate an environment in which that greatness is free to make its mark on the world. We agree that because we have so much to give, we have an obligaton to effect change on the world. To whom mush is given, much is expected, and it is our solemn vow to fulfill our deepest obligation.

With this Manifesto, the members of the Inner Circle make a bold declaration. We will never abandon our vision. If we do not see it accomplished in our lifetimes, will arm those left behind with the tools to achieve it. We make a stand for those principles that open the doors to success in business and in life. We represent abundance, rather than lack. We stand for limitless possibilities, not limitations. We stand for the inherent human ability to create success, abundance and happiness, regardless of opportunity, circumstances or institutions. We know that success is chosen, rather than inherited. It is our commitment to these principles that makes our stand strong, so that no man, or any temptations of greed, ego, or self indulgence, at any level in our organizations, could lead us to compromise our integrity. In this, we stand and declare our mission as a company, as an organization, as a community. We stand in the belief that transformation is possible and we accept the challenge and extraordinary privilege of being the catalyst for that transformation. The principles, policies, and intentions outlined in this Manifesto will guide us in our pursuit of this mission and we will continue to live by them even after we have reached the pinnacle of our success.