Axiom Marketing Alliance Announces Launch of New Website
Scottsdale, AZ - Axiom Marketing Alliance, the leader in home-based marketing systems, announced today the premier launch of their new website. The new website will feature the widely held Axiom systems that have transformed how home-based businesses are managed.

"We wanted to give business owners a place to become more familiar with what we offer," CEO Don Glanville said.

With the integration of customer service accessibility with the ease of functionality, Axiom marketing systems empower business owners to market their business in a multitude of ways; primarily taking advantage of the ever-visible convergence from traditional forms of advertising to Internet advertising.

The website will also give potential employees a place to come and learn about Axiom. "We want to attract quality talent," Glanville said. "Our new site gives them the information they need to see Axiom is a good fit."

Axiom Marketing Alliance has future plans of incorporating social networking, next-generation video platforms, and content rich interactive training to the site, as well as embarking on new projects that will make further significant impacts on managing independently-owned businesses.

Axiom Marketing Alliance has designed and developed breakthrough innovations for the marketing and overall management of home-based business. With a multitude of tools and services, Axiom Marketing Alliance provides business owners with the multimedia content, training, and support needed to build a successful and profitable enterprise. Axiom has offices in Scottsdale, AZ and Tallahassee, FL.